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Prezi Next (also called Prezi Present) is the successor of Prezi Classic and provides an innovative solution to create groundbreaking presentations. Prezi Next focuses on beautiful visuals, fluent transitions, interactive content, efficient ideas and allows you to engage your audience in more effective ways.

What is Prezi Next?

Prezi Next is part of the Prezi suite and provides a brand new solution to create convincing, engaging, and memorable presentations easily. Thinking that classic presentations solutions are outdated and are neither efficient nor straightforward to use, they have created new concepts to bring the best out of your creativity and presentations. Thanks to Prezi Next, you will be able to create, share, and collaborate with people worldwide, online and offline. The core idea is to make your presentation more persuasive because what is easily understood tends to be more trusted, engaging, and memorable. After all, lots of people reason and remember data based on spatialization.

What are the key features of Prezi Next?

  • New concepts: With Prezi Next, you will discover a groundbreaking way to make presentations, forget about slides, forget about hard-to-find information. Your presentation is now organized following a level-style pattern from ‘Topics’, ‘Subtopics’, to ‘Pages’. Every Topic can symbolize an idea or a category, and it can also contain subtopics that represent a more detailed explanation, and so on. You will create as many levels as you need depending on how much detail you want. But levels are not the only concept Prezi Next brings. They also focus on fluent and seamless transitions and professional-quality visuals that instantly transform your content into a stunning presentation.
  • Create unique and diversified content: Of course, you will be able to use tons of different types of content to enhance your presentation. Easily add high-definition images (including JPG, PNG, PDF, and nonanimated GIF), high-quality videos (including MP4 format and embedded Youtube videos), stunning animations, interactive content, shape, charts, use clipping, and editing masks, and much more. There is almost no limit to what you can do.
  • Tailored to fit your needs: No matter you want to use Prezi Next for business, as a teacher, or a student. Prezi Next can empower you to create the best content possible in any situation where a presentation can make a difference.
  • Voice over: You can create a step-by-step narration that plays as people view your presentations so that you always have a solution to be with your audience.
  • Handy: Because Prezi Next focuses both on creating the best presentations ever and making you save a lot of time, you will also be able to use lots of pretty handy shortcuts.
  • Keep ahead of the curve: While your audience hand on your lips, keep ahead thanks to the Presenter View and its separate display in the desktop app that allows you to see what is coming next, time your progress, and keep your notes on the screen.
  • Keep control, use notes: Even though you might feel comfortable with your presentations, notes are always helpful to make sure that you don’t forget anything. All your presenter notes will be available while presenting. So free your mind and never freeze on stage anymore.
  • Think long term: Once you finish your excellent presentation, you might want to leave your audience with more than a positive impression of you. No worry, you will easily export your presentation to a PDF version they will love to consult afterward.
  • Get free from internet connection: Thanks to the desktop app, you will be capable of downloading and converting your presentation to a standalone file everyone will be able to view. Then, no matter what you need, you can send it in an email, store it in storage, and no longer be bothered by a hazardous internet connection.
  • Present to anyone, anywhere: Thanks to Live Prezi, you can present to anyone no matter where they are. You can easily create a dedicated presentation space and invite up to 100 members remotely.
  • Be agile: Prezi Next lets you focus on conversations while presenting. Hence, that is why they feature the possibility to use your phone or tablet as a double presentation remote. Focus on your audience and create engaging conversational presentations.
  • Convert from PowerPoint materials: Prezi Next allows you to quickly and automatically convert your Powerpoint presentation to a handy Prezi Next resource you will be able to adapt and improve a few times.

How to install and use Prezi Next?

First, download the free Prezi Next installer we provide you at the top of this page and install it on your computer. Once installed, you need to launch the application, sign-up for an account from the application, and log in to the Prezi Next application. You’re now ready to take advantage of the features of Prezi Next. Creating new content using Prezi Next is pretty straightforward from your Prezi Next dashboard:

  • You can choose to start from scratch from the dashboard.
  • You can also choose to create a new presentation using templates by clicking on Create from template. Alternatively, you can also click the + icon under the search bar and select Presentation to create a new presentation from a template. To do so, choose one of the available templates, then click Use this template. Your presentation will then load in a separate window.
  • Finally, you can choose to convert an existing Powerpoint presentation.

Regarding how to use Prezi Next, you will find many valuable resources and tutorials on the official website and Youtube channel.

Is it free?

We provide the free demo but Prezi Next requires to subscribe to a Prezi Plus or higher plan. To get the most out of Prezi Next, and depending on your needs, you can check the available pricing plans. Note that purchasing a plan also gives you additional features for the other Prezi’s products, such as Prezi Design or Prezi Video.

Is it safe to use Prezi Next?

Prezi Next is a safe service, they perform internal and external security audits and code analysis, third-party penetration tests, and lots more security tests. You can consult their privacy policy.

What is the difference with Prezi Video?

Prezi Next focuses on providing new ways to create, share, and present general immersive presentations using innovative concepts and powerful tools. On the other hand, Prezi Video focuses on delivering new ways to make video presentations based on existing materials (Prezi Next, PowerPoint, Google Slides) or creating a new one from the application.

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