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Page Plus is a very useful tool for publication conception. It has plenty of simple but efficient features that will help a beginner or a DTP professional to carry out a project. You can easily create, share, and publish your creation and templates.

​​​​​​​Note: the version linked to this page is the last version of the software, according to the publisher's website. In order to install Page Plus, you will need your registration keys, bought before May 2018.

What is PagePlus?

Page Plus is a Desktop Publishing (DTP) software designed for publication conception by Serif Europe Limited. It features a functional interface with all the tools you need for fast editing and composition.

What are the key features of PagePlus?

  • Edition: While using it, all you have to do is to choose a specific page layout for your publications. It can be a business card, a label, a brochure, a greetings card, a prospectus, a poster or even a banner. This program includes a range of tools that makes its use easier namely ready to use layout, predefined themes, mailing, chart and timetable, and so on. Another purpose of this software is also PDF creation as a request form or as slideshows.
  • Drawing: For those who have creative minds, Page Plus allows drawing picture with a lot of tool such as a pencil, a line and a pen. It is also possible to modify them with filling and color function, filter function, transparency, etc.
  • Loading: Page Plus is compatible with most of all existing files. Actually it can load several kind of formats, whether graphic (RAW, .SMF, WMF), text files (Word 2010, Open Office, RTF files, etc) and PDF files.
  • Export and Print: Once editions are achieved, you can either export your publication to PDF or HTML or print it or send it by email. But before, you can get an overview of it in a visualization window. Other features like double-sided printing, several pages in one are also included.
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Is PagePlus free?

You will need your registration keys in order to install the software.

Is PagePlus safe?

Yes, PagePlus is considered safe.

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