The Dude free for PC

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  • Developer MikroTik
  • Version 6.47.8
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

Network management is not within the reach of all, but the user can do it by using the software with a funny name The Dude. It allows you to monitor all the connected devices.

What are the key features of The Dude?

  • Detection: the program has the ability to detect all the devices connected to a network. It displays them on the main window in a tree form and differentiates them with icons. Their information is available with a single mouse click.
  • Monitoring: The Dude can rapidly detect the failure at the network level. It signals the user by indicating the source of failure and the concerned area. It notifies him via a pop-up window or a beep to present the network status.
  • Settings: The user can define the starting option of the network. He has even the possibility to edit the IP address of each station and the failure alert type. Programming the range of network access times is also possible.

Is it free?

The program is completely free of charge.