BlackICE PC Protection

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BlackICE PC Protection is a kind of firewall that is aiming at protecting the computer system against threats from the web. It can detect and block them from entering the computer system.

Disclaimer: product support for BlackICE was terminated in September of 2008.

What are the key features of BlackICE?

  • Protection: the advantage with BlackICE PC Protection is that users can be sure that the computer system is entirely protected against all threats. In fact, it offers real-time protection. For that, regular analysis is performed on the system and as soon as it detects a virus, it automatically deletes it.
  • Configuration: it is possible to bring some changes to different parameters of BlackICE PC Protection. The user has the possibility to change the time where the software acts. It can activate the protection every day, month or every time.
  • Report: BlackICE PC Protection is capable of generating a detailed report of all threats that are detected. This report can be viewed thanks to the file's encoding system. The user also has the possibility to save this report file so as to view it later.

Is it free?

Yes, it is free to download.