Microsoft Authenticator free for Android APK

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  • Developer Microsoft Corporation
  • Version 6.2102.1274
  • License Freeware
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Microsoft Authenticator is an application to store and update all active passwords in one single authentification. Secure all your sign-ins and activities in one single place. The app is compatible with other software outside of the Microsoft pack and can synchronize and activate passwords stored on mobile devices using pins, face IDs, fingerprints, and double passwords.

What are the key features of Microsoft Authenticator?

  • Microsoft accounts: create password controls for your own personal Microsoft accounts, get direct access to products and cloud services with one single authentification and apply them with software like OneDrive, Xbox, Microsoft 365, or Outlook.
  • Integrations: The Microsoft Authenticator allows users to apply add-ons to other applications on the Android device, meaning you can store all your passwords into one single password management and use it with your social media accounts, emails, and other programs installed on your device.
  • Double protection: Microsoft Authenticator can apply for more protection with one or two passwords to protect the identity of the user. Access your account using a primary password and a second one for extra security, this can be with single pin usage, Face ID, or fingerprint.
  • Personal, work, or school: The application can be used for personal, work, and school accounts, all passwords can be synchronized and shared between users. There can be one or several modulators for the device and it can be shared among users, this can guarantee the safety of the data and files being shared among users.
Microsoft Authenticator
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Is Microsoft Authenticator free?

Yes, Microsoft Authenticator is free for download.

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