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What is Google Authenticator? Google Authenticator app is a security tool specially designed for Android users that provides a 2-step verification process when you sign in to your Google account. In addition to entering your password, you need to provide a code generated by the Google Authenticator app.

Key features

  • 2-Step Verification: Also known as two-factor authentication adds a layer of security to your account by generating a code that you need to enter when you log in.
  • No internet: To generate a code the app doesn’t need to have an Internet access so you can use it anytime and from anywhere.
  • Providers: Google Authenticator app supports various providers and accounts and not only Google.
  • Easy to handle: The app has a very simple interface and even provides an automatic setup via a barcode/QR code.

How does Google Authenticator work?

Google Authenticator syncs with your email account and each time you want to enter it, generates a key that you need to enter. This secures access to your accounts and eliminates the risks of it being infiltrated or corrupted.

How to use Google Authenticator?

The app is quite easy to use. Go to your Google Account and at the top tap on the Security tab. Then, under Signing in to Google, tap 2-Step Verification. Next, in the Add more second steps to verify it’s you section, tap set up under the Authenticator app and follow the on-screen instructions. When the 2-step verification is set up, you can use it. Each time you will be logging in to your account, the app will generate the code that you will need to enter to access your account. Here’s how to recover an account protected by 2-Step verification.

Is Google Authenticator free?

Google Authenticator is completely free to download and use.

Is Google Authenticator safe?

Google Authenticator is a safe app that also secures your accounts.

Other systems

You can also download Google Authenticator for your iOS/iPadOS devices.

System requirements

To run Google Authenticator on your Android smartphone, the required Android version, as well as the size of the app, vary with the device.

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