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  • Developer Elias Fotinis
  • Version 1.32
  • License Open Source
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DeskPins is a handy utility allowing you to manage your windows and pin them so they always stay on top of one another. No longer waste time switching between windows and stack them easily.

What is DeskPins?

Windows has always been lacking good and simple window management solutions, and it is always time-consuming to manually rearrange windows so they don't hide each other. Luckily, DeskPins offers a simple yet powerful alternative and allows you to easily position your windows the way you want.

What are the key features of DeskPins?

  • Pin: It is a single-purpose solution, but it does well as it can pin your windows on top of other ones. Just position your windows, pin them, and you no longer need to manually switch back and forth between them.

  • Clever: It comes with intelligent handling of various application types and features wildcard-based automatic pin support as well as global hotkeys.

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  • Limitless: You can pin an unlimited number of windows.

  • Lightweight: It operates without draining your system's resources out, so you won't notice any difference in performance.

  • Interface: The interface may seem a little bit old-school, but it is designed to be simple and functional.

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How to use DeskPins?

  1. Launch DeskPins.
  2. Start the app you want to pin with its window visible.
  3. Click on the DeskPins icon on the system tray, it will turn your cursor into a pin.
  4. Now, click on the status bar of the window you want to pin.
  5. That's it, the window is now pinned.

Is DeskPins free?

Yes, DeskPins is a free and open-source solution.

Is DeskPins safe?

Yes, DeskPins is considered safe as the code is open-source.