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  • Developer ChelPus
  • Version 10.9.5
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Lucky Patcher is a free app that can modify the operation of other apps and games. The app allows you to perform many useful actions, such as blocking ads, setting backups, moving applications to the SD card, removing the license verification of paid apps and games to use them for free, and many more. However, before downloading it, remember that modifying applications without the developer's knowledge is illegal.

What are the key features of Lucky Patcher?

  • Use all the paid features for free: If you first want to try all the application's paid features before purchasing them, you can remove the license verification from apps, allowing you to access paid products for free. It is up to you to keep using the app for free or to purchase the paid version.
  • Get free from all those in-app ads: Lucky Patcher allows you to remove ads that are embedded in apps.
  • Extract all the APK: If you don’t want to always depend on the Google Play Store once an app is installed, Lucky Patcher helps you to extract the APK component from downloaded apps.
  • Never lose your app data: The application allows you to create backups or security copies.
  • Limitless permissions: Lucky Patcher can modify the permissions of apps so that you can get access to all the privileges you want. Unleash your power.

How to install and use Lucky Patcher?

To install the Lucky Patcher APK on your Android device you need to authorize the installation from unknown sources. You usually find this option in Settings > Security. You can also complete this same process from the popup window that appears on some Android devices when directly installing an APK. Then, go to the 'Downloads' folder on your phone and you will see the file ready to unzip and install.

Lucky Patcher is a patcher with a multitude of possibilities and its operations are not always simple. For more information about all the processes you can carry out with this app, take a look at the instructions that you will find on its official website or check our article on how to use Lucky Patcher.

Is Lucky Patcher free?

Lucky Patcher is a completely free app.

Is Lucky Patcher safe?

Lucky Patcher cannot be guaranteed to be a 100% reliable application. The developer itself assures that there is no malware present in its download, but Google Play Protect flags it as a potentially harmful application. It is also worth noting that Lucky Patcher harbors illegal features such as hacking and modifying apps.

Moreover, to work properly, it requires granting all permissions on your data and files, including being able to access, modify and delete any content present on your device.

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