Object Desktop free for PC

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Get your whole Operating System fully customized with Object Desktop. With its features, you will have stunning results without having advanced skills in this field. The program is easy to use and efficient.

What are the key features of Object Desktop?

  • Creation: give your operating system elements a brand new look with Object Desktop. The program features functions that help to create new icons for your desktop, a new logon screen image, new buttons, a new start menu, and much more.
  • Templates: for those who are not particularly inspired, Object Desktop already includes a wide array of templates from which you can choose those that suit your taste. It should be noted that all the operating system elements have their own templates.
  • Hotkeys: moreover, Object Desktop allows you also to enhance the use of your computer and top gain time. Indeed, the program enables you to set hotkeys for everything you program: it may be your favorite websites, panel control, or any program run on your computer.

Is it free?

This is a free demo version of the program. You can purchase the full license for $24.95.

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