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It is always pleasant to own a fully customized computer which is why there are various tools for that like creating icons and original wallpaper. There are a few programs that can change the logon screen. Henceforth, with Logon Changer, you can totally give a whole new look to your computer.

What are the key features of Logon Changer?

  • Logon screen: although changing the logon screen has been for too long a complicated task, Logon Changer offers you an easy way to customize your computer in a few clicks. It is pretty simple since all you have to do is to search for an interesting image and then, indicate the target path to the program.
  • Automatic: no matter the size of the image you are going to load, Logon Changer compresses it and fits it to your screen computer size. It should be noted that even though your images are compressed, there will be no loss in terms of quality.
  • Preview: when you have loaded the file, you can choose to directly apply your new logon screen or not. And this is due to the preview feature which makes users able to see what their screen would look like after this change. If the result does not please you, it is still possible to reset the previous logon screen.
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