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  • Developer mestiez
  • Version 1.27
  • License Commercial
  • Language en

People Playground is a sandbox game wherein you can do almost whatever you want to ragdolls. In a few words, shoot, stab, burn, poison, tear, vaporize, or crush them in a large open space. Have fun, as the game also simulates physics and body dynamics.


In a world where physics went to a comedy club and never left, People Playground welcomes you! Here, ragdoll humans lead oddly satisfying lives as the unsuspecting stars of a slapstick reality show. Why walk when a floating sword can accidentally impale you? It's just a flesh wound!

More seriously, the game is a considerable sandbox wherein you can experiment and explore ways to shoot, stab, burn, poison, tear, vaporize, or crush ragdolls in a large open space.


  • Get comfy: The open space is large enough to experiment with many objects and buildings. Don't worry, you will get what you want, and those ragdolls will get what they are made for.
  • Embrace sharpness: Equipped with various sharp objects, such as swords and spears, you have the opportunity to pierce and stab, so don't hesitate to use them on ragdolls or soft objects.
  • Electrical conductivity mechanics: Understand the nuances of electrical conductivity with various objects. Some items, like humans, have a heightened capacity to conduct electricity, making them prime subjects for electrifying experiments. Also, enhanced power is a trait of some charged items.
© People Playground
  • Combustible objects: Materials like wood, rubber, plastic, and even humans are susceptible to flames. Light them up and observe the mesmerizing, albeit dark, transformation to ash.
  • Projectile weaponry: Explore a diverse range of projectile weapons available at your disposal, each with its unique shooting mechanics.
  • Explosive dynamics: Unleash destruction with various explosives, each differing in power and explosive behavior, providing a unique spectacle every time.
  • Creative building: Not limited to destruction alone, the game empowers you to build intricate buildings and constructs, often with deadly outcomes, fueling both creativity and mischief.
© People Playground

Graphics and sound

People Playground is known for its simple graphics and animations, but it shines through its gory and bloodshed effects. Still, the sprites, ragdolls, lights, weapons, and objects are finely crafted and successfully create a huge laboratory where you can experiment with the limits of what's allowed.

Duration and game modes

The game is about experimenting and setting up scenarios you would like to explore. Hence, there is no duration or specific goal except unleashing your creativity.

What do the reviews say?

Despite the lack of an official review, the game is a hit. Indeed, it has been rated Overwhelmingly Positive by over 190,000 players on Steam and has a high Metacritic user score.

Age rating

People Playground is suitable for an adult audience as it contains violence. It is important to note that the characters in this game do not look like real humans, show no emotion, and make no sound.

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