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Little Alchemy is an exciting and relaxing game where you can put yourself in the shoes of an alchemist and become a chemist and a magician. Using ingenuity and logic, your goal is to create many elements from scratch.


  • So many elements: Although four elements are available at the beginning (air, earth, fire, and water), you will quickly create and unlock many new ones (up to 580 elements).

  • Infinite combinations: You can mix elements to create interesting, fun, and surprising items. So play at your own pace, drag the elements to your alchemy table to mix elementsand explore all the different mixed possibilities and combinations like a puzzle to solve.

  • Cross-devices: You can save and synchronize your progress on different devices.

  • Compete: Achievements and leaderboards are available to compete with your friends.

  • Interface: The game is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Polish, Dutch, Swedish, and Norwegian. And the cherry on top, you can switch to Night mode.

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Age rating


The game is rated PEGI 3.

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