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  • Developer King
  • Version 1.2630.1.0
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

Developed by King, Candy Crush Saga is one of the most loved and popular match-three puzzle games. Featuring an original universe with lots of diversified challenges, you will love to discover and master every aspect of the game.


  • Powerful mechanics: As a match-three puzzle video game, you will have to create vertical or horizontal sets of candies or other elements to remove them from the board. Based on these simple mechanics, the game offers many different modes that will challenge your matching skills.
  • Special candies: Special candies have potent effects once cleared and matched. When activated, they will destroy more candies and make you score a lot more points.
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  • Boosters: Boosters can be considered power-ups you can activate before or during the game. Some are specifically designed for certain level types, and others are more generic. For example, the Lollipop Hammer can be used to destroy some candies, and the Coconut Wheel will turn three candies into striped candies, but there are many more to discover.
  • Events: Events are organized to spice up the game; some are ongoing, and others can be specific to a particular period or day.
  • Characters: Throughout your journey, you will meet many different characters that you can talk to and help. Come and meet Benny, Mr. Toffee, Mr. Yeti, Odus, and more! They genuinely add lots of fun to the game.
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  • Levels: The game offers tons of content and thousands of levels to challenge you, and new ones are regularly added to provide innovative puzzles continuously.
  • Share: Candy Crush Saga offers a diversified experience that everybody will be able to enjoy, so don't hesitate to compete with your friends and strive for the highest score.

Graphics and sound

Candy Crush Saga features straightforward, cartoonish graphics and sounds that strive to create a dynamic and responsive atmosphere so that the player is always rewarded visually and audibly. In addition, the game features good animations, providing an overall pleasant visual experience.

Duration and game modes

Playing only the main story of the game will take you about 14 hours, but if you strive for all the extras, you are likely to play hundreds of hours. Candy Crush Saga offers plenty of different game modes:

  • Target Score: Those are the most accessible levels to clear as you have to get a given score using all the available moves you have. You will fail if you reach the target score with leftover moves.
  • Clear the Jelly: You will have to remove all the jelly on the board. Jellys are translucent elements that can only be broken if a candy on the square with jelly is removed. To destroy white double-jellies, you will need two hits.
  • Collect the Ingredient: In the ingredient levels, you must collect all the required ingredients by bringing them down to the bottom of the grid.
  • Order: In Candy Order levels, you have to collect a given amount of candies, but also combinations of candies and blockers, all of them within a fixed number of moves.
  • Mixed: Mixed levels can be the most difficult as they combine several game modes into one puzzle.
  • Rainbow Rapids: You need to collect rainbow candies by leading the rainbow rapids from the cannons to the mold. But the task will be more complex than it seems because rainbow streams must be cleared.

What do the reviews say?

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Candy Crush Saga has been rated 79/100 by Metacritic.

"Candy Crush Saga is as addictive as it is frustrating. The game starts off easy, but soon gets difficult and very challenging. The downside the game has is that you keep on getting Facebook messages from friends." (XGN)

Age rating


Candy Crush Saga has been rated PEGI 3, meaning it is suitable for almost all audiences.

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