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Developed by King, Candy Crush Saga is one of the most loved and popular puzzle games on the market. The Candy Crush game is played by the young and old, reaching every corner of the world. With thousands of levels, this legendary game is sure to keep you entertained for countless hours.

Key Features

  • Puzzles: Switch and match candies and move forward in this puzzle adventure. You will be rewarded with rainbow-colored cascades and candy combos.
  • Levels: There are thousands of levels available on Candy Crush with new ones being added every two weeks. In addition, graphics are very high quality and players can unblock objects at the end of each level like Boosters and charms.
  • Game modes: There are multiple different game modes to enjoy including Target Score, Clear the Jelly, Collect the Ingredients, and Order Mode.
  • Score and share: Levels range from easy to hard so there is definitely something for everyone and scores can be shared and compared with friends.
  • Daily Booster Wheel: This feature lets you receive free rewards daily and earn boosters.
  • Offline mode: The game is available to play in online and offline mode, so you can enjoy it even on the airplane, if you wish.

How Many Levels Are in Candy Crush?

That's a very good question. First of all, you should realize that there are four different versions of this game: Candy Crush Saga, Candy Crush Jelly Saga, Candy Crush Soda Saga and Candy Crush Friends Saga.

The original game, Candy Crush Saga, has approximately 9485 levels. The newer varieties of the game have around 6715 (Soda Saga), 4705 (Jelly Saga) and 4280 (Friends Saga) levels each. As you can imagine by now, you will need a tremendous level of perseverance and patience to reach the Candy Crush highest level.

How to Play Candy Crush Saga?

Candy Crush Saga is all about getting three or more identical candies in a row, either horizontally or vertically. Once you create a row, the candies disappear and you earn your well-deserved points.

Rows can be combined to score extra points. For example, when a row of candy disappears, the player can immediately match the candies in the next row. There are no limits to the number of combinations.

Is Candy Crush Free?

Yes, Candy Crush is free to download and play. The game does however contain various in-app purchases.

Is Candy Crush Safe?

Candy Crush may share your personal data with advertising companies in order to display targeted ads. As always, we recommend reading the privacy policy before playing the game.

Get the Candy Crush App for Mobile

Candy Crush Saga is available on both desktop and mobile. CCM provides you free download links for the Android and iPhone versions. Furthermore, you can play Candy Crush free online via your browser. The game is available on King's official website.

System Requirements

  • Windows: Windows 7, 8 or 10 and 500 MB disk space.

  • Android: Android 4.4 or higher. Required disk space varies with device.

  • iOS: iOS 9.0 or higher and 300 MB free disk space.

Images: © King.

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