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AvPlayer is a multimedia player that lets users watch multiple videos in different formats on each computer screen. It can support a wide range of video and audio file formats.

What is AvPlayer?

AvPlayer is a versatile multimedia player that enables users to simultaneously watch multiple videos, each in various formats, on separate computer screens. It boasts extensive compatibility, supporting a wide array of video and audio file formats. Thanks to its simple-to-use interface, it offers lots of versatility.

What are the key features of AvPlayer?

  • With AvPlayer, the user can create a list of all multimedia files to form a playlist. The most played items can be automatically recorded in the playlist.

  • Extensive UI and keyboard shortcuts to conveniently control single or multiple videos simultaneously.
  • AvPlayer boasts versatility in video playback as it prioritizes Hardware Accelerated video decoding using the graphics card's video decoding engine.
  • This program can work with a compendium of file formats, whether video or audio, including MPEG, AVI, and DivX for video files and MP3 and OGG for audio files.
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How to use AvPlayer?

AvPlayer is very simple to use: the user must select them via file browsing or simply drag and drop. 

Is AvPlayer free?

Av Player is 100% free and contains no ads or spyware.

Is AvPlayer safe?

Yes, AvPlayer is considered safe to use.