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How To Change Your Google Account on Your Mobile

All Android users must have a Google account to access their various apps and services. This account is used to confirm your identity if you restore your device to factory settings. Therefore, it is very important that you remember it. If you use more than one Google account, you might want to change it to the one you use most frequently. Keep reading to get started.

How to modify your Google account on your Android

Go to Settings > Accounts > Google, then click on your Google account. Press the More button, and then select Remove account. Select Accept to confirm your decision. Enter your device password. Then press backspace and click Add account. Select Google, enter your email address, and press Next. In case you don't have a Google account, press Or create a new account and follow the instructions. Enter the password, press Next, and accept the conditions. Your new Google account will now be associated to your device.

Before removing an Android device from your Google account, it is important to know that by doing so you will not be able to access Gmail, YouTube, the PlayStore, and other Google services and applications on that device.

If you still want to unlink that device from your Google account, you must go to the Google's Devices page. You can locate the Android device you want to delete and select Remove access.

N.B.: Here you should review the list of devices connected to your Google account. For your security, delete any device you don't recognize (if any) and update your passwords.

Remove your Google account from a device

If your device was stolen or if you've given it away, it is easy to unlink your Google account from an Android device and remotely. Enter Google's Find My Device. Think twice before removing your account if you have been the victim of theft. This will delete all Google account data on your device, and therefore you will not be able to continue tracking it.

N.B.: You can also log out of a Google account from any device by changing the password.

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