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Every time I try to open my hotmail account using Internet explorer it shows

" Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"

Can some body help me on this.
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This problem started after installing Chrome for a test run. After several hours of fooling around with MS suggestions and the attempts of others, I found that the box, "Use a proxy server for your LAN" had been checked (tools>internet options>(connections)>(LAN settings). Unchecking that box solved my problems.

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BiggaFig's suggestion work for me. Thank a lot.
But it didn't work for me, I unchecked everything, but still couldn't open hotmail... HELP!!!!!!
the proxy setting is already unchecked
Great thanks
tnx aloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot
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I just figured it out. I was having the same problem on my 64 bit vista and IE 8 not displaying hotmail and other secure sites such as banks. All I did was click on the IE 64bit icon in the program menu and it works. Just copy that icon into the desktop and delete the old one. Works fine now.
i am still not able to get the pages to show up.....can someonw please help me?
I have Windows XP and all the websites work except for the secure sights. At first I thought it was my new Verizon internet but its only on secure pages. What should I do in internet settings or web connections?
How do you get to where you described? Some of us are still 101's .....
hi.....this problem is in my both explorers google chrome and IE8........this problem started when I deleted temporary files from %temp% folder.......plz give me solution....i had tried everything...plz help me out frds..
Copy and pasting the internet explorer (64 bit) icon from the start menu to the desk top worked for me. Thank you!
Thank you
i understand you becouse I had the same problem .all you have to do is :open internet explorer and go to menu TOOLS,than do to INTERNET OPTIONS.go to CONNECTION tabs,and click on SETTINGS tab.than you heve to uncheck the use o proxy server for this connection( )and click ok .

a was looking for hours and this is the only that worked I hobe this could work to you oo.good luck...
thank you, it worked for me......
oh my goodness THANK YOU!
oh, me too. this was great and solved my prblm. thank you pretty much
awesome it worked...yeah
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Try unclicking Automatically detect settings in Tools-Internet Options-Connections-LAN Settings-....

Got this off another forum and it works for me (IE8/Win7)
Thank you! This has resolved my problem.
dat shyt dnt even work
It's some kind of Malware starting all this by uncheck the proxy and check Automatically detect LAN Connection work for me.
Had the same problem... it was a trojan virus (a fake antispyware)... the norton 2010 free for 30 days took it off. Then this solved the IE changes, and now my google calender gadget works again. Thanks
Thank you that worked for me ....
Thank you
I am having this same issue and I've had no luck resolving it.
- 'Automatically detect settings' is unchecked.
- 'Use automatic configuration script' is unchecked.
- 'Use a proxy server for your LAN' is unchecked.
- I have deleted temp internet files, cookies and history.
- The error seems to occur when the web page takes longer than a few seconds to load - almost as though it is timing out.
- Running without add-ons does not solve the problem.
- Upgrading from IE7 to IE8 did not solve the problem. (I was desperate :))
- All other browsers are fine.
- When I run IE as another user on my machine, the issue does not occur.

Any new ideas would be much appreciated.

thanks for the d help............... bro.........
create a new account
hi jr you need to reset the tcp ip connection.go this link to reset it.use the microsoft fix fix it for need to reboot afterwards. dont forget to say thanks
here is the link for microsoft fix it
The problem is windows 7 sometimes creates two network connections, right click on the little computers on the task-bar and open internet connections and click on change adapter settings and right click to disable, after that right click again to enable and your internet will work fine
Thank you
Try clearing your cookies, your temporary internet files and your browsing history. I had the same problem and tried everything. This is what finally worked for me.
thank you. this worked
thank u soooooooooooo much!!! u saved my life!!!
This is what worked for me as well. How strange!
Thank you
Solved my problem Thanks
Thank you
I keep getting a message internet explorer cannot displaythe webpage every time I try to order photos from an E mail I received from asda
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If all else fails, try the following:

'Start', 'Run' regsvr32 jscript.dll <return>
Note: you should get a little window pop-up saying "successful"
then -
"Start', 'Run' regsver32 vbscript.dll <return>
Note: another little window pop-up hopefully saying "successful"

Reboot computer - trying IE8 again.
Hope this helped
Please work god o mighty!!!!!!!!!
Thank you
Find the file Host in windows directory and open it with the notepad, delete all entries exept the first
Thank you
Solved: Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage but Firefox can

Thanks! The Internet Options, Connection, LAN Settings tab was just where I needed to go. It had been set to proxy by malware. I set it back to automatically detect and I can use Internet Explorer again!
Same for me, thanks a lot peeps
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I had it set to Proxy also and once I unchecked that it worked fine.
WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks!
Thank you
Thank you
internet web page canot be dispaly
Thank you
a common problem in IE on Vista IE 8.0 beta I get the same on my office laptop with IE 8.0 Beta installed. Your security settngs are stoppng it along with Windows Defender I beleive.

better still use Firefox. ^_^

Or shut off Windows Defender. its windows 'version' of firewall. Crappy stuff.
Im encountering similar problem when opening ICICI Bank site, Mine is company laptop,page opens in office but when I try to open it using internet connection at home it never opens up and shows "page cant be displayed". My laptop settings are such that I cant install any programme without taking administrator's approval :(
my internet is not open of some websits
Thank you
I want to sign in to my mail inbox but cant open
Thank you
dear sir,
I will start new website. I will get domain and web hosting. I will read my web page in front page and upload it.
my Cpanel settings was completed. In Internet explorer my url is not opening sir. How can I remove this problem sir plz tell me sir.
Thank you
I use proxy to brows internet but when I tried to brows I can not see any page only "white Page"
then I decide to test the connection to the internet using Static IP I can brows Internet

I am talking about one branch of my company the other branches use proxy to brows internet and they do not have any problem
Please check this problem with me
Thank you
These problems are why I generally dont use IE anymore. I think its too much hastle to use it.
Thank you
If all else fails workaround until fix is available is to left click and hold the hyperlink (or button) on the web page that doesn't work or open and drag it up to the next blank Tab in IE8 (i.e. drop it directly onto the TAB not the url address bar). Page then opens OK (am using windows 7).
Thank you
thnx thnx thnx
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