Using web browser page loads but screen blank

inchoate - Jun 26, 2009 at 09:49 PM
 leo - Jun 9, 2013 at 02:37 PM
On my laptop, none of my web browsers are able to actually display any page on the internet. I will say the page is loaded, but the web browser window will be totally blank. One that particular computer, I tried firefox, googlechrome, and internet explorer. For explorer it showed a message saying it couldn't find any of the pages I tried to open, I think it said that there was an HTML error. What should I do?

Laptop Configuration:
Dell insperon notebook w/
Windows XP

Web browsers:
Google Chrome
Modzilla Firefox
Internet explorer

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  • check your internet connection settings.
  • try to temporarily turn down your antivirus / firewall
  • go to control panel > network connections and try to create another connection.
  • if you are already connected to a network, try to renew the ip address.
  • start / run / type cmd and click ok then type
    ipconfig /renew
    to renew the ip address.
I had the same problem and I use vista. I tried everything and decided that I was fed up with bitdefender and got another antivirus program. Im using the 30-day kapersky trial and no problem so far. Bitdefender has lost this customer!!!
It says media do I fix that
that solved the problem. Thank you