My arrow keys will not scroll down when I hold them down

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 muhammad - Nov 11, 2023 at 08:17 PM

So recently my laptop keyboard arrow keys stopped working, I use them to scroll up and down pages and this is very inconvenient for me so I'm asking for some help. I can usually just hold an arrow down and it will scroll, but now I have to click the button continuously for it to even move an inch. This may be due to the age of my laptop.

System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 86.0.4240.198

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Found this - i hope it helped you like it helped me. I must have gone to 20 pages to find this!!!

Control Panel>Ease of Access Center>Turn OFF Filter Keys
OMG THANK YOU!!! Soooo helpful.
Feb 21, 2023 at 01:40 PM

This has been bugging me for weeks!!! you are a life saver!!! every single other place was talking about scroll lock, or was instructions for a smart phone. Apparently, I'm too dumb to notice a simple solution, and you happened to be smarter than my machine. Thank you very much!!!! : )