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When Is Amazon Prime Day 2020?

Amazon Prime Day is usually during the month of July, however due to the current global pandemic it was postponed. This year’s dates have been released: October 13th and October 14th. This article will explain what Amazon Prime Day is, how you can get involved and start finding the best deals.

What Is It?

Amazon Prime Day is a retail “holiday” created by Amazon in 2015, that typically runs between July 15th to July 16th. Amazon created this holiday to compete with Black Friday. Prices are cut across the site, for example in the tech, beauty, home and kitchen categories. Prime Day has so far been very successful for Amazon with sales exceeding those on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

How To Participate?

Getting involved in Amazon Prime Day is simple. You just need to create an Amazon Prime account. You can sign up for a monthly subscription at $12.99 (you can cancel at any time), or a yearly subscription for $119. If you only want to make the most of Amazon Prime Day, then it is recommended that you just sign up for the monthly subscription. You can also see if you are not eligible for a free monthly trial of Amazon Prime (which you can cancel afterwards).

How To Sign Up For Amazon Prime

It is simple to sign up for an Amazon Prime monthly or yearly subscription:

  • Go to the Amazon Prime page.
  • Click the sign up button. Or if you already have an account, add a prime membership to your account.
  • Follow the instructions and add a payment method.

Once you have done this, you are now ready to make the most of Amazon Prime Day.

The Best Deals

Amazon is yet to release this year’s deals, however some of the best deals from 2019 were their offers on Amazon products such as the Kindle, Amazon Fire Stick, Echo Dot and multiple subscriptions deals to Amazon services, such as Amazon Prime Video. We will update this section with the best deals once they are revealed by Amazon. You can regularly check the Prime Day page for updates.

Note: It is also important to note that despite having multiple price reductions across the Amazon site, you should compare prices on other sites before purchasing items, because you may find products cheaper elsewhere.

Support Small Businesses

As a result of the global pandemic, there is a new focus worldwide on supporting small, local businesses. Amazon are also very much behind this effort and Amazon Prime Day is the perfect opportunity to seize the chance and buy from small businesses listed on their site. They have also set up an initiative to further entice Prime users to purchase from small businesses up until Prime Day and receive a $10 giftcard to spend on Prime Day on the website. For more information about this offer, click here.

Small businesses are featured throughout Amazon and as you can see above, you can use refined searches in order to find exactly what you're looking for from local producers. You can either type in 'small businesses into the white search bar at the top of the Amazon home page or click here and access the small business curated categories section.

Amazon Prime Day v Black Friday

You're probably wondering whether you should start your shopping early on Prime Day in October or wait until Black Friday hits, nearer to Thanksgiving in order to have the best deals. While this is an interesting dilemma, things are a bit different this year.

Prime Day for one is much later than it usually is because of COVID (it's normally in July) and will in a way unofficially launch the holiday shopping season. Both Walmart and Target have also announced massive sales to coincide with this date. Considering the type of merchandise that consumers are interested in buying on Amazon Prime (electronics, books, gifts you don't need to try on) and due to previously announced delays in product lines, we think it is definitely a case of the early bird catches the worm. The deals are set to be good for sure.

Black Friday is set to fall on November 27th this year, leaving over a month gap between the two events and so if you don't find what you're looking for on Prime Day, you will certainly have the opportunity on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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