New to Netflix: September 2022, this week

New to Netflix: September 2022, this week

In September, Netflix is getting it everything, in an attempt to rival the new releases of the Rings of Power and House of the Dragon on Amazon Prime and HBO respectively. In this article we will tell you what series you can enjoy this month, and when they will appear in your Netflix library.

Love in the Villa 

The platform opens the month with a romantic comedy to prolong the sweet taste of the farniente of a summer that is practically gone. Love in the Villa tells the story of a young woman (Kat Graham) who in order to overcome a painful breakup, decides to take a trip to the city home to Romeo & Juliet: Verona, Italy. But to her surprise, she discovers that the villa she rented was double-booked and she will have to share her vacation with a cynical British man (Tom Hooper, from The Umbrella Academy). Which of the two will give in first?

Release date: September 1st

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End of the road

For those who missed rappers Queen Latifah and Ludacris in their previous outings as Hollywood actors, we have good news: they're back in the ring, and this time they're together! The bad news, however, is that our beloved Queen will be persecuted by a murderer... And it is in the role of recently widowed Brenda who decides to move with her children to the other end of the country. The Queen will not only witness a crime , but she will also steal money from the murderer. Oh, Mrs. Latifah, what a beginner's mistake! It seems that so many years in the underworld of rap have been of no use to her!

Release date: September 9th

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Cobra Kai

Ladies and gentlemen, the fifth season of the Cobra Kai, a series that has conquered nostalgic hearts is back for another season on Netflix. A rivalry that dates back to the fluorescent eighties resurfaces forty years later at the hands of a pitiful Johnny Lawrence and a prosperous Daniel Larusso. Yes, we are talking about the characters of 'The Karate Kid'. We're not going to tell you what happened in the previous four seasons... If you haven't seen them, the question is: what are you waiting for?!

Release date: September 9th

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I used to be famous

The British comedy arrives that will make us shed tears, as it talks about the unexpected friendship between two misunderstood musicians. The story goes like this: In Peckham, a culturally diverse, working-class neighborhood in south-east London, Vince, a former boy band singer, dreams of returning to the stage, and he will do it hand in hand with Stevie, an autistic teenager who is a talented drummer. The film is based on a previous short film by the same director, which grew out of his fascination with former boy and girl band members who became very successful and were later discarded by the music industry.

Release date: September 16th

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The girls at the back

The girls at the back or 'Las de la Última Row' is a Spanish series that tells the story of five women in their thirties who have been close friends since school and who organize a one-week getaway together every year, without exception. This year, the circumstances of this trip are special and different because one of them has just been diagnosed with cancer. There are trips that change your life forever and there are lives that travel changes forever. If you enjoyed Cable Girls (Chicas del cable) you'll enjoy this. 

Release date: September 23rd

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We don't know about you, but we were really looking forward to this movie. Why? Because it explores the life of Marilyn Monroe. In addition, it will be played by the actress of the moment: Ana de Armas. It is also based on the novel of the same name by five-time Pulitzer Prize finalist James Carol Oates. Although the novel, and therefore the film, is based on a series of autobiographical stories, the stories have taken some other artistic license to tell the future of the brightest star in Hollywood. We can't wait to see it!

Release date: September 28th

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Inspired by the children's classic 'The Wizard of Oz', this Spanish film narrates the initiatory journey of Dora, a teenager with an extraordinary talent for music and an inner energy that is difficult to contain. After an argument with her father on her birthday, Dora leaves home in the company of her dog Totó and begins a journey in search of her mother, whom she never met. Along the way she will make new friends with whom she will embark on a road trip to Madrid, but she will also face dangerous enemies who will try to prevent her from discovering the mystery of her past by all means. But Dora's vitality and magic will help her reach the end of her journey, which will be the beginning of another.

Release date: September 30th

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