The 10 new historical series on Netflix in autumn 2022

The 10 new historical series on Netflix in autumn 2022

If you'd like to immerse in past eras and imagine yourself as a viking, an empress, a spy of the Cold War epoch, or Mussolini's treasure robber, this selection of films is for you. Here we have selected ten historical series and dramas you can watch on Netflix this fall.

Barbarians II

Two years after the release of the first season of "Barbarians" we got a sequel. Having returned from captivity in Rome, Ari becomes a respected and strong leader of his clan, supported by his faithful wife Thusnelda and friends. But Rome still does not leave attempts to subdue the Germanic tribes and sends the treacherous governor Tiberius at the head of a large army. History twists even more when it turns out that the mighty German leader Maroboduus and Ari's brother Flavus are connected by their obscure past. Iri and his warriors again have to wage an unequal confrontation with the roman legions. This series will appeal to those who love costume dramas with big battle scenes in the style of "Game of Thrones" and the intrigue à la "Roman Empire" and "Spartacus". Unfortunately, the plot moves here are quite predictable and a little unnatural.

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In this German series we will find a lot of details and atmosphere of the last years of the German Democratic Republic and the era of the fall of the Berlin Wall. After the collapse of the communist regime, a former East German spy Kleo Straub (Jella Haase) is released from prison and decides to find out who and why framed and betrayed her. A terrible revenge awaits her opponents, as the girl was specially trained to be a killer. The series has received quite a lot of success among the viewers of the platform, and there have been news of a sequel.

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In recent years, the cinema of African countries has attracted increasing interest, which contributes to the appearance of products from Africa on Netflix. Filmed in Nigeria, this mystical series takes us to 18th century West Africa. Rumors spread throughout the kingdom of Oyo about a mysterious wanderer who heals diseases and even brings the dead back from the other world. The people called him "Anikulapo" ("the one who bribed death"). The doctor becomes famous everywhere and he is even made the court physician of the king. His passion for the ruler's wife becomes fatal, which puts his life in mortal danger... African landscapes and costumes are especially beautiful here.

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The Empress

This is one of the brightest premieres on Netflix this fall. This German period drama tells the life story of the legendary Austrian Empress Elisabeth (nicknamed Sissi), and her love with Kaiser Franz Joseph. Having unexpectedly married the Kaiser, the freedom-loving and independent young woman finds herself in the "golden cage" of the imperial palace, where she is confronted by her mother-in-law Sophia and the intrigues of the kingsmen. Here you will find a lot of beautiful costumes and interiors and see what the everyday life of the court of the Austro-Hungarian emperors was like. The young actress Devrim Lingnau, who starred in the role of Sissi, was born in Germany to a German father and a Turkish mother. If you remember the classic Sissi film starring Romy Schneider, you might be interested in comparing the two in this role.

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Vikings: Valhalla

Many fans of the historical genre liked the first seasons of "Vikings" for their severity and minimalism and, of course, the charismatic images of Ragnar Lodbrok and other main characters. 100 years have passed since the events of "Vikings", and now the main motives of the narrative are the confrontation between the Christian and pagan sides and sailing to the American continent. Watch "Valhalla" and make your own idea of whether it is possible to step into the same river twice and repeat the previous success.

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The Last Kingdom (season 5)

"The Last Kingdom" has always remained somewhat in the shadow of the Ragnar Lodbrok TV-saga, however, unlike the continuation of "Vikings", it pleases the dynamism of its plot. We do not get tired of following the adventures of the Danish viking Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon), adopted and raised by the Anglo-Saxons. Will there be a season 6 of The Last Kingdom? Let's just say: no, it won't! Therefore, we are watching season 5 ... And not everything is so bad: the creators of the series promised that this epic will end with a full-length two-hour film!

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Robbing Mussolini

As you might have guessed from the title of this series, in this action comedy set at the end of World War II, a motley group of resistance fighters decide to pull off the ultimate heist: to steal Benito Mussolini's treasure from the Duce's headquarters in Milan. This big Netflix premiere is scheduled for October 26th.

All Quiet on the Western Front

This war drama is a movie, not a TV series, but we chose to include it in our review due to its anti-war content. The cruel and absurd nature of the war is shown here very harshly. You can watch this movie on Netflix from October 25th. This movie will be available on Netflix from October 29th.


And one more long-awaited premiere this fall - from the creators of the popular series "Darkness". The action unfolds in 1899: migrants from Europe travel to New York by ship, believing in a brighter future and hoping for the changes that the new continent will bring. On their way they find a drifting liner containing survivors who were thought to be missing... The meeting turns the live of the heroes into a real nightmare. This mystical horror series will be available to watch on the platform from November 17th.


Although this action drama is set in a very recent story, we still made it on this list because it has become one of the most watched shows on the platform and is dedicated to one of the most famous historical monuments - the Paris Cathedral, which survived a massive fire in 2019. Alice and her fellow Parisian firefighters find themselves at the epicenter of the struggle to save this unique heritage site and symbol of the French capital.

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