What are the most anticipated shows of 2023 on HBO?

What are the most anticipated shows of 2023 on HBO?

HBO has been one of the most consistent networks for producing high-quality content. With hits including Game of Thrones, True Blood, The Wire, Chernobyl and Euphoria. Each year the network continues to produce excellent and entertaining shows. In this article we look at some of the most anticipated HBO shows that are in the pipeline. Some of these are more concrete than others, but there is still plenty to look forward to.

Dune: The Sisterhood

After the success of the movie 'Dune', the series 'Dune: The Sisterhood' will be coming to HBO, which will be set 10,000 years before the ascension of Paul Atreides and will follow the Harkonnen Sisters as they fight against the forces that threaten the future of humanity. The series will address the creation of the legendary sect known as: Bene Gesserit. In Hebert's books, the Bene Gesserit are an order made up of nuns, spies, scientists, and theologians with superhuman abilities including mind control, hyper-awareness, and collective memory. For those in the know, Lady Jessica, mother of Paul Atreides, is a Bene Gesserit. It is she who has taught her son to use a special voice that makes it possible to force people to do what they are told. The purpose of the Bene Gesserit is to help humanity and guide it towards the future that they have planned, they usually do it as advisers, wives or concubines of the leaders of the Great Houses (such as the Atreides), and always seek to create alliances that help them achieve their goals.

Denis Villeneuve will be directing and the cast, although still uncertain, appears to feature Rebecca Ferguson as Lady Jessica and Charlotte Rampling as Mother Superior Mohiam. As for the Harkonnen sisters, they will be played by Emily Watson and Shirley Henderson. The rest of the cast will be made up of: Mark Strong, Jade Anouka, Chris Mason, Travis Fimmel, Indira Varma, Sarah-Sofie Boussnina, Shalom Brune-Franklin, Faoileann Cunningham, Aoife Hinds, and Chloe Lea.

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'Parasite', the film by Bong Joon-ho, became a planetary success by being the first non-English language film to win the Oscar for Best Picture. After such a record, last year it was confirmed that the film will have a series on HBO based on the story created by the South Korean director. According to its executive producer, Adam McKay, the series will not be a remake of the film, but an original series set in the same universe. The idea seems to be to extend the story to the series format, that is, to have more time to develop background stories for each character. Although the cast and the release date remain a mystery, it is speculated that the series would have 6 one-hour episodes, or something more classic, that is, 8 45-minute episodes.

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Snow (Game of Thrones Spinoff)

Since 'Game Of Thrones' ended, HBO has looked for a way to continue exploiting the giant universe created by George R.R. Martin. That is why up to 7 Spin-Off projects have emerged after the end of the 8th and final season of the multi-award winning series. So far the only project approved and running is 'House Of The Dragon'. However, there is a new proposal that was recently approved and it is a sequel that will focus on the adventures of Jon Snow. At the moment it is only known that the project was presented by the same actor, Kit Harington together with a creative team that wants to revive his mythical character. How can the story be? If we trust the ending of 'Game Of Thrones', we know that Jon Snow, after discovering his true identity: Aegon Targaryen, became Lord Commander of the Night's Watch and left Westeros behind to start a new life with the Savages at North of the Wall. Although the duration of the series and the release date remain a mystery, we can be sure that Kit Harington will be the absolute protagonist of the strip.


White House Plumbers

This 5-episode miniseries will tell the true story of how Nixon's political spoilers and Watergate masterminds accidentally overthrew the presidency they were trying to protect. Hunt and Liddy, the film's protagonists, were CIA agents and members of "the Plumbers," a team of agents tasked with identifying for Nixon government sources for leaks of national security information to third parties. However, everything went the wrong way and Hunt and Liddy, who were supposed to protect the president, were the ones who, due to their inexperience, ended his mandate. The agents were convicted as the masterminds of the Watergate break-ins and other clandestine administration operations.

'The White House Plumbers' was created by Alex Gregory, Peter Huyck, David Mandel and Frank Rich, writers and executive producers of 'Veep', an HBO classic that explored in a very different tone the misadventures of a troubled administration. The miniseries will feature a top-notch cast: Woody Harrelson, Justin Theroux, Nelson Ascencio, Ike Barinholtz, Corbin Bernsen, Kim Coates, Lena Headey, Toby Huss, Liam James, David Krumholtz. It will be directed by David Mandel and its premiere is scheduled for the month of March.

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Love & Death

Among HBO's most promising productions for 2023 is 'Love & Death', a 6-episode miniseries that tells a sinister story inspired by true events about the life of Candy Mongomery, a devoted woman who overnight became in 'the ax murderer' after losing her sanity and taking the life of Betty Gore, her lover's wife, with more than 40 ax blows. Set in 1980 and based on the book 'Evidence of Love: A True Story of Passion and Death in the Suburbs' and on the collection of articles 'Love and Death in Silicon Prairie', both by John Bloom and Jim Atkinson, the fiction will be Directed by Lesli Linka Glatter ('Homeland'), the show will star Elizabeth Olsen.


True Blood (Reboot)

The reboot of the series 'True Blood' that aired on the same signal between 2008 and 2014, which had seven seasons and 80 episodes, is rumoured to be coming to HBO, although few details have been announced. The series revolved around Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), a telepathic waitress living in the rural town of Bon Temps, Louisiana. Two years after the invention of a synthetic blood called True Blood, vampires could climb out of the coffin and allow her presence to be known to humanity. However, they had to fight for equal rights and assimilation, while anti-vampire organizations began to gain power. Sookie's world was turned upside down when she fell in love with Bill Compton, a 173-year-old vampire. At the moment it is unknown who will star in this new 'True Blood'. It is also not known if there is the idea of recovering some of the actors from the original series.

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Magic Mike's Last Dance

The creative team behind the first Magic Mike film, which garnered acclaim from critics and audiences alike, brings back Channing Tatum to reprise the role of Mike Lane. Steven Soderbergh will return with the direction of the film whose script was written by Reid Carolin. In this installment, together with Tatum we will see Salma Hayek. The new story tells that Mike Lane returns to acting after a long hiatus, after a business that went down the drain, leaving him in ruins and leading him to accept a job as a waiter and bartender in Florida. According to the trailer, the stripper is heading to London with a wealthy socialite, who lures him in with an offer he can't refuse. But once in the English capital, Mike is more enthusiastic since he has the opportunity to put on a show in a famous London theater. The question will be if he will be able to carry it off or not.

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Last Train to Busan

Also coming this year is the US remake of 'Last Train to Busan', a Korean zombie horror film. The American version will be directed by James Wan and the story will take place in the United States, where a zombie virus breaks out. The protagonists will be the passengers of a train bound for New York who will fight to survive. Among them are a recently divorced, workaholic father and his teenage daughter. The original film, directed by Yeon Sang-ho, focused on a zombie apocalypse in the confined space of a train, following a father and his little daughter who were traveling on the fast KTX train from Seoul to Busan. At the time of his departure, the train station was taken over by a group of zombies, who murdered the driver and some other passengers on board. While the KTX traveled without a driver, the passengers had to fight for their lives against the undead.

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