Copy Rows from one sheet to others based on a condition

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I have a workbook for our teams budget that has 1 master sheet with 28 columns. The master sheet will be updated with more rows often (adding new budget items). I would like to use a macro button so that every time a certain person (one who makes a decision for one column) updates that sheet she can click the button. What I need the macro to do is copy all of the rows that have "Pre-Pay" in the "Payment Source" column and paste them into different sheets based on what vendor is listed in another column.

I have attached an image of what the main sheet looks like since I can't figure out how to attach a file.

I'm very new to marcos so I would love if you could help create the code for me. Happy to send the file if you can tell me how.


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Oct 17, 2017 at 11:22 AM
Hi Trowa,

I created a new post because I got different feedback from my boss on what she actually wanted but I couldn't figure out a way to edit my original post. If something changes, how should I update that in the future?

But to answer your questions:
1. You are correct, I don't want to create any duplicates
2. I think letting the code run automatically when data in a certain column is confirmed should work. I might have to add a new column that is "confirmed" but I will need to check with a coworker to see exactly what data we need because some data in the row will be added at a later date, but I am not sure it that data will also need to transfer to other sheets. For now can you help me create it once anything is chosen for column G?
3. Yes, per my other post there are other things I need to solve
a. I need the rows to go into certain tabs based on what is added in column E (Vendor Name). (not if it is pre-pay - i need ALL data to transfer now) However, a tab that matches that name might now always exist (so is there a way to have one added if it doesn't already exist?)

thank you for your help.