Copy rows based on a condition

Blossom83 - Oct 14, 2008 at 12:53 PM
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How can I have excel copy the entire row of data from worksheet Employee Inventory to another worksheet called EEs if column Q contains TERM. I've tried almost everything but nothing is working. Please help!

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Assumptions for this code:
1. Employee Inventory sheet has heading in row one so it will start checking the data in row 2.
2. Column Q does not have any empty cells.
3. EEs sheet will have headings in row one so the data will start copying in row 2.

Set I = Sheets("Employee Inventory")
Set e = Sheets("EEs")
Dim d
Dim j
d = 1
j = 2

Do Until IsEmpty(i.Range("Q" & j))

    If i.Range("Q" & j) = "TERM" Then
    d = d + 1
    e.Rows(d).Value = i.Rows(j).Value
    End If
    j = j + 1
Thanks! That is really helpful to me as well.
Just one more thing: How is it possible to copy data always on the fist empty row on the correspondant sheet (here EES sheet), if this sheet can contain altering number of rows time by time.

I am trying to use this code but its giving me error as Object defined error at do loop.
Can you please help me out