How to turn on javascript in dsi

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i want to turn on my java script on my dsi to see youtube or shows because I really bearly got 1 tlevision and we bearly have 1 system we dont have lot of money please answer

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Youtube needs flash to work, not javascript, but there is no flash support on the dsi. But Javascript automaticly works on DSi. To watch youtube, you would need to visit and download the software on to an SD Card. A good javascript site is if you are interested, and it has full DSi support. Sorry about that.
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hi I got my dsi about a year ago amd right now im going to see what is gona happen so yea I will right back in about an hour
face it the dsi has no memory or flash to even watch movies or songs,
if u have a dsi u can put a sd card on the dsi and put songs or get a laptop,
its not fair that psp has a bou flash player and a java script!

listen people do not go on that dsitube because it doesnt work! not now, not ever! I feel like returning this dsi i. they put our hopes up to much about the internet. no YOUTUBE NO WATCHING MOVIES NO PLAYING ONLINE GAMES NOTHING!!!!!!
Its not a ps3 xbox apple android computer psvita ect... So dont excpect it to have great graphics or flash to watch videos or to watch videos at all its a dsi call of duty black ops will probably be great game play but not good graphics so if you decide to get a dsi dont expect it to be like a pc or a ps3 mario is a good game im not saying dont get it cause I kinda want one but it does have good games for a dsi like call of duty black ops ppl dont give a sh¡T anout graphics all they care about is good gameplay like I said thats why I want a dsi cause it has some realy good games.
Thank you
if you got java on your internet at home just go on your dsi adobe and download it and you will have it on
sooo r u sure it works??
no even time I try to watch a viedo on dsi tube all the viedos dont work. so what viedos do I watch
What if u tryed it and it didnt even work than what are u suppose to do now

it should automatically be turned on

dats always my nickname! see for more info
dsitube is a waste of time. dont even go to the sit.
I u sure this work when I tryed it. it didnt work.... How can I get viedos on dsi youtube