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 Lex -
So I just got a new laptop with windows vista home and I tried downloading videos on the "Youtube Downloader" and it keeps telling me "Your current security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded" Ive tried EVERYTHING I could think of. Ive shut down the ALL my security through the "Control Panel" and even disabled my Norton just in case that was it to try and allow the file to be downloaded yet I still get the same message. I even changed up the video thinking that maybe that was it but soon realized that it wont let me download any videos. I dont know if maybe there's another security area that I'm missing so any input ya'll might have would really help! Thank you so much :)

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Dear Saogirl,

Please check if there isn't any add on restricting you on

performing the task. It might also be that there is a corrupt

file which is not allowing the software to perform properly.

Please try using another browser and you can also try the

below You Tube Downloader:

You Tube Downloader

Thank you.
Thank you

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Use Save Video plugin for Internet Explorer - It's perfect tool to download videos from internet.