My Facebook account has been compromised by a hacker

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Dear CCM Technical Support:

My Face Book (FB) Account:

1). LOG-IN PROBLEM: For Many, Many months, my Face Book Account has been COMPROMISED, by a Computer HACKER. Specifically on 10/30/2017, when I Logged-In, to my FB Account, with my User Name: MY********, and, my Password, I have been Logged-Out, by a Computer HACKER. In ADDITION, The Security Check System has Matched Up some of my FB Friends Photos, with Other Fraudulent Names. Specifically, the Myanmar Actress, 3 of Moe Yu San’s Photos, DO NOT have her Name to Match, so that, I CANNOT recover my FB Account, and CANNOT Log-In, to my FB Account, with my User Name:

2) RECOVERY TEXT Messages, needs to be TEXT to my Mobile Phone # (740) *******, and, NOT to the Computer HACKER’s Fraudulent Phone # ending with xx27; or, xx36.

3). The Computer HACKER has DELETED many, many eCards, to support Myanmar. Specifically, almost ALL of my Fathers’ Day (Myanmar Month of Nayon) celebration eCards have been DELETED and STOLEN.

4). The Computer HACKER has BLOCKED me, from ORGANIZING (CANNOT move my eCards), my eCards, in Each of my Photo Albums.

In SUMMARY, a COMPUTER HACKER, has been committing THEFT, FRAUD, &, PERSONAL IDENTITY THEFT, COMPROMISING, on my FB Account, with my User Name: ********* Please STOP that!

My Face Book Account eCards have been to support Myanmar, as a ‘Developing Country’. I will APPRECIATE very much, if FB Tech Support / Desk Help will please CORRECT the above FB Problems, from my FB Account.

THANKS very much, for your continuous support.

Miss Lois Jane Teresa Lee

DATE: 10/30/2017 @ 01:30 am; (EST, USA)

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Oct 29, 2017 at 05:58 AM
Hello Lois,

Today, we are 29/10/17, yet you wrote 10-30-2017.

CCM is not a technical support and we have no business with Facebook. CCM is a mutual aid community, all answers on the forum are provided by volunteers who give their time free to help solve issues.

In your message I have edited your email address and phone number. By writing your phone number or email address on this forum you revealed personal data to millions of users, some of whom may have bad intentions, you exposed yourself to harassment, spamming and hacking.

Moe Yu San is not a fraudulent name, she has her own Facebook account:

I looked for your Facebook account on Facebook.

Is this your Facebook page?

If so, I don't see any evidence of hacking.

Please explain further.