Autopopulating multiple sheets from main sheet by date [Closed]

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My name is Ana and I have a situation.
Every day we have hunďreds of rows with diffrent info about our customers. On column H we have cells with text that contain the date of the month.
So, i have to copy and paste the rows and transfer in to the, date sheet that will match the date from text. How can I do easier pls.

Thank you

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So are you in an analyst role at work? Ask for a more defined report. Or ask for about 5 different reports. If we build the easy button for you, what does it leave for you to do?

Thank you for taking the time to answer.
Not sure if I should laugh or be mad.
No, I am not an analyst. I coordonate 6 people and part of our daily job is to go by the date on those sheets. I know there is a VBA code. I asked for help to simplify our job because there are lots of other tasks we need to perform and for me as a coordinator I defenetly have more duties, not just this one.
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Where do you get the "list" from?
The list is actually a report that we get daily. And so every day we pull it for the previous day and we have to subtract the rows that contain the same date (witch we find in colomn H in a text among other info) and from there past it in other sheet with same date. Next day we pull the report again and keep adding to the date sheet.
For example I have 200 rows today with text on column H dat has 50 rows date 11.12, 50 11.13, 5 rows 11.14, 6 rows 11.15 and so on till we get to 200
Tomorrow I have 300 rows with dates that vary from 11.13 to 11.20. The splitting is done by date and paste in the sheet with that date.