Cannot download multiple files at once in WhatsApp Web

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I have a very strange situation in last two month.

Usualy my clients send me multiple files for printing (photo or doc). From day one when i use whats-app web i choose select mesaje, thic multiple files or pres shift and select last files that i want downloaded. after select/ thick multiple files, i press the download simbol in right corner . an archive is downloaded, extract archiv and i see al files that i dwanted to download..

Now, in last two month, i can not find what it was changed, because when i select multiple file, download sign not apear. Only after i download individual files (on doc, odf or other) or viwe any photo, via web or phone, only after this operation download sign apear. Is excruciating me , and it consumes ten times mor than before.

any body encounter tthis ? do you know a solution ? is ther a oficial way to inform whatsap technic board ?

Windows / Opera


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It is either possible that WhatsApp made a change to the download feature, or a bug is the cause of this issue. Try clearing your Web browser's cookies and cache and check that it is up to date. You can also try with another Web browser to see if that changes anything.

Otherwise, try reporting the issue to WhatsApp from this page.

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I am also facing this problem. My boss sends me multiple files around the clock. As my work is on a desktop, it's very difficult to download media one by one. I can't find any option for downloading bulk videos. I have tried clearing cookies, but nothing happened. :(

I aprecciate waqar111's reply but it used to be possible, it just isn't anymore. Does anyone know why? 

I used to be able to download everything, even pictures and videos together, all at once. And now I can't anymore. Already clear my cache and cookies, but nothing happened. 

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Jul 19, 2023 at 07:46 AM

Unfortunately, you cannot download multiple files at once in WhatsApp Web. You can only download one file at a time.

There are a few reasons for this:

  • Technical limitations: WhatsApp Web is a web application, and it is not currently possible to download multiple files at once with web applications.
  • User experience: Downloading multiple files at once could be confusing for users, and it could also slow down the performance of WhatsApp Web.