IF statement returning false

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The following IF statement is returning false. Please let me know how to get it to return a value. Thank you

=IF(D6<50000,((D6/2000)*10.3)*1.025, IF(49999<D6<100000,((D6/2000)*16.5)*1.025, IF(99999<D6<200000,((D6/2000)*18.55)*1.025, IF(199999<D6<220000,((D6/2000)*22.65)*1.025, IF(219999<D6<240000, ((D6/2000)*24.7)*1.025, IF(239999<D6<260000,((D6/2000)*26.8)*1.025, IF(259999<D6<280000,((D6/2000)*27.8)*1.025)))))))

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You have no last false statment. That is why is returns FALSE. NONE of the above is true!

Take a look here:

You have no False return--------------------------------------^,false)))))

What do you want displayed?

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