How to retrieve deleted text message

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How to recover my deleted text message from my nokia 350

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I had to take out time to post a review on this wonderful hacker called TRAVIS I came across who helped me hack into my cheating husbands phone and get evidence for me during our divorce...he got me all that I needed...information from social media accounts, texts, pictures, call log and voice recording etc..he went as far as getting cctv footage...he is indeed wonderful, thorough and reliable. Contact him via
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Thank you pearl! I have forwarded your buddy travis' email to the authorities, hopefully he is licensed to perform such task under local law!
He's obviously a private investigator and a professional. You snitch!
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@Manco, How would I be a snitch, if he was licensed? If he was a pro, he wouldn't want to be called a hacker, now would he?
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