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I am trying to make estimate software for a remodeling company. I just want the description to be printed or copies to clip board if quanity is over 0. Example direct from excel file.

A4 says "Permit Fees" B4 says each Permit costs $1 and C4 has Quantity, D4 is B4*C4.

What I want to happen is have A4 printed to word or copied to clip board if C4 is over 0, or has any input at all. I do not want anything but A4 to be printed as I want it to be vague and not have costs per line. Customers get too hung up on that.

Id preferably would like all this data from multiple sheets to export into a word file, thus generating an estimate to the customer from the excel sheet. I can rework something like this if it already made.

Thanks for help

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Check for the LEN of the cell. So something like:

If A1 contained "hello", your formula would return "5".

Check this out:

After you have that, we will move on to making it print if you hit a particular key.

Good luck, and have fun!

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