Cant get in to my face book

 Jenn -
Hello,A few days ago i was told i had atrojan virus 5 heur2.Ajkw file name was c\windows\freddy 46.exe that was mucic i downloaded from u tube .avg sorted it i think but i cant get in to my facebook at all everything else on my inter net works.please help i have not got a clue how to get facebook back thanks

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check if the facebook link has been blocked by your antivirus.
go to the menu of your antivirus and check in the blocked websites if you can find the link.
or try to do a system restore to set your computer to a date when the problem did not yet occured.
>all programs
>system tools
>system restore
um how do you find the antivirus menu??????? because im puzzled!!!!!!
I just had this same problem with facebook and freddy46. I have McAfee through Comcast and scanned 3 times, yet came up blank.
I read online to restart my computer in safemode (by pressing f8) and that would keep the infection "asleep". When I restarted in safe mode the McAfee picked it right up!!!! Facebook now works as does my MSN Live IM.

Good luck.