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Cashbook is an indispensable tool for company owners to make all financial journals clear and plain. Cashbook Complete has been designed by Acclaim Software Ltd to easily manage receipts and payments.

What is Cashbook Complete?

Cashbook Complete is an accounting software developed to simplify the accounting process with a streamlined, easy-to-use solution. Cashbook Complete provides end-to-end solutions to keep track of your organization's finances.

What are the key features of Cashbook?

  • Cashbook: users will only be asked to enter income and expenses to Cashbook Complete's interface. After that, the program is going to calculate and draw budgets, bills to pay creditors, quotes, timesheets as well as the possibility to manage products and services.
  • Sales graph screen: thanks to this feature, Cashbook Complete will have an illustrated graph concerning sales. Configurable depending on the accountant's needs, graphs can be customized based on the company's monthly sales.
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  • Invoicing: concerning invoicing processes, it is worth to note that Cashbook Complete is featured with custom letterhead. Invoices can be sent via email and it is possible to keep track of them with the Invoicing Outstanding and the Aged balance reports.
  • Reports: this application comes with a wide range of selections of standard reports. For instance, the user can have Summary report, Detailed report, Transaction report, etc. For the Report Writer, users are given the possibility to create their own reports and save them for later.

Is Cashbook Complete free?

This is a 90-day free trial version. After it expires, you can purchase the full license for $60.

Is Cashbook Complete safe?

Yes, it is considered safe to use. For more information, consult their privacy policy.

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