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We recently had an employee leave our company. Her files are backed-up on a WD my book essential external hard drive. The program to restore is password protectected and we have no way of getting that information. is there any way to reset the password?

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Recovery Button
Pressing the recovery button while powering up the device resets the admin user
name and password to default without erasing shared folders or volumes. The
recovery button also resets network configuration to DHCP (obtain an IP address
automatically). Follow the instructions below to reset the device using the recovery
1. Turn off the device and disconnect all cables from the unit.
2. Insert a paperclip or narrow tipped pen into the recovery slot on the back of the
unit. Press and hold down the recovery button.
3. While continuing to hold down the recovery button, connect the power cable to
the back of the unit.
4. Hold the recovery button down until 10 seconds after the power/activity LED
lights on the front of the device, then release the button. The unit may take up to
three minutes to boot up completely.
Note: The default user name is admin and the default password is 123456.
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I just read the instructions on resetting hte admin password. While I see you have confirmed that it will not erase data, or change nay of the shares or volumes, will it leave all the other user configuration in place.

ISTR that I nWindows NT if you deleted a user, and recreated the name username again, it would have a differeint UID, so even though the name was the same, none of the file permissions would be inherited.

I dot want to reset this to find that all my user name configurations are gone, and that they wont map back onto the stored files if I recreate them.

I don't know if it will clear the user data, but I can tell you that you don't need to worry about NTFS access rights being removed. The base system for the WD MyBook is Unix. There are three partitions used by the OS, one of which is a swap partition, and then one used for data. On the two-drive systems, the same three partitions exist on both drives for the OS, and the fourth partition is used for data on each. (RAID 1 mirrors the data, RAID 0 creates one partition out of both drives.) You don't need to worry about NTFS permissions because the drives don't keep this data stored like NTFS does. (The drives are formatted ext3 for those interested.)

Hope this eases your mind, and the minds of those that follow...

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I have tried to follow the step that was mentioned above but I can't find any reset or recovery button on my laptop. Meanwhile I have an important file on my WD Smartware hard drive so I can not afford to loose it.
Any help will be welcome.

Download wdsmartwareupdate here : http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/wdsmartwareupdate/

Download instructions :
1- Locate you WD disk entry, click on Windows or Mac according to your operating system.

2 - Click on Download now link at the bottom and download the soft.

Unlock instructions :
1- extract the zip file you've downloaded en run the.exe.

2- select Continue to update and accept Licence Agreement.

3 - Next select Update Firmware

4- Check the check box "I understand ......" under Warning section, a button "drive erasure" will appear.

5- Click on drive erasure button

6- Wait until the end of the process and quit

7- Unplug/turn off the passport and plug it back in. Your WD passport is unlocked
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it is not working... it continues to rescan
yes it solves the forgotten password but all data was lost.
oh my God not what I wanted for a solution!!!!!
WTF doesnt work buddy :/ always just enter your password but if it doesnt exist ?!
I tried the information to fix this below, and it is not correct.
Please follow the link to the Knowledge Base article from Western Digital about resetting the admin password. It's a long link but will take you to the right place :-) Cheers, Sue

Default User name AND PASSWORD are both: admin

Sue - the long link appears to be broken. Could you re-share this link? P.S. I have a Passport rather than a My Book. Thanks!
Just FYI. To reset the admin and DHCP on a MyBook do the following:

1. Unit is on, press and hold the reset button for 2 minutes. Unplug all cables including the power.
2. Now the unit is off and your still hold the reset button in. At the end of the first 60 secs, plug the power cable back in and continue to hold the reset button for the remaining 60 secs.
3. After you have completed the first two steps plug the other cables back in.
4. It will take between 3 and 5 minutes before you see the MyBook back on the network or connected by USB.
5. Access the web interface. I do this by opening a browser and typing the ip address of the device or the name.

Click on file sharing. The login is now admin and the password is 123456

Go ahead and change any user passwords to something simple.

Your done!
Same problem. its driving me nuts. I got no reset button either...someone must know a way.
reward offered contact Email Id removed for security
done mine . nothing like anyone said - press and hold reset button when it was running and the lights flash on the front then it resets. I released the reset button 15 secs after power up, prob held for 45 secs in total.

Same!! Im sure im typing in the correct password, but it's still saying it's incorrect!!
Same here! I am panicking. Has anyone found a solution to their problem? I spoke to Tech Support at WD and they said they didn't have a record of this being a problem and had no fix. :(