Enter and backspace not working

Hi, I know this seems like an issue that's already been solved but I've tried everything the internet as suggested. Strictly my backspace and enter keys are doing this thing where they periodically stop working all together. I've noticed this in some of the surrounding keys like the arrows keys but its most prominent in those two since I use them the most. I've attempted to update the drivers, uninstall and reinstall the drivers, restart my computer, update my computer, sticky keys and filter keys are off and have been of for a long time. I haven't spilled, dropped or busted the keyboard in anyway that I'm aware of. It's done this once before but I'm pretty sure updating the driver or something like that fixed it. I've scanned my computer several times with multiple different anti virus programs (avast, avg, mcafee etc.) and all of the scans come out clear for viruses/malware. I'm pretty desperate to get this figured out since it's extremely frustrating and really interrupts my work.
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Is this a laptop?
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