Backspace not working in Word: how to fix the issue

Backspace not working in Word: how to fix the issue

Microsoft Word provides many features to create a document in a simple and convenient manner. However sometimes some small problems creep in and some of the keys stop working properly. A malfunctioning backspace key is a well known problem that can be easily fixed. Follow the simple steps below to make sure yours is configured correctly.

How to fix a broken backspace key

If the problem is purely software related and not a physical problem with the key itself, this should solve the issue:

  • Click on File > Options > Advanced > Editing Options
  • Make sure that "Typing replaces selected text" is checked

How to repair a broken backspace key

If this does not work, check you may need to check that there isn't any debris underneath the key, or that there hasn't been any recent water damage that could cause a malfunction. If there is a physical problem with the key, try removing the key from the keyboard and removing any debris that is stuck underneath. Once you have done this, replace the key on the keyboard and test it again. 

If you have spilled water on your keyboard, this could be more problematic. You will want to first try and dry out the keyboard. If possible, remove all of the keys to expose any waterlogged areas and dry them out. Once you are satisfied that the keyboard is now dry, try replacing all of the keys and seeing if it works. If it still doesn't work, then the keyboard may unfortunately be past the point of repair.

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