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I am Rathin with multiple Google Accounts. Recently, I came down to Kolkata, my hometown, from Bhutan for the Summer Break. My daughter took my mobile, took the SIMs out and inserted them into her mobile. I lost my main Google account as a result. I have been writing to Google since then without any help whatsoever. I never knew that losing an account could be so frustrating amounting to something akin to sheer harassment!
Every time I apply for the recovery of my account, I am greeted with the same response. We have sent a mail to ... ......11, which will be of no use as the number is my Bhutan mobile number. There seems to be no way out. And the final note: We will get back in touch with you in the next 3-5 days.... seems to go on and on. Can anyone help? Is there any other website that I can use instead of Google? PLEASE HELP.


Rathin Bhattacharjee
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Jul 10, 2018 at 04:37 PM
Well, it seems as though you would need to get your SIM back from your daughter! That number is associated with the original gmail account, and there is nothing you can do!