Facebook account is temporarily blocked [Closed]

Dear Sir / Madam,
Time to time my Account gets block under "temporary feature block" and it shows the reason as the post that I have posted is against the Facebook Community Standers.

I guess its because that you are getting the the complains against the Adult Nudity & Sexual Activity for my posts.

But Sir / Madam, I can assure that I have completely read & understood and haven't done any thing against the community standers mentioned in below link ..................................

I am a Poem writer and those poems are not sexual poems but those are kind of erotic poems. Further most of the photos that I'm posting with those poems are taken from the FB pages and those are artistic photos and always I'm make sure that those photos contain no nudity.

I suspect that the these complains are making by the some organized people who are against me.

I think because of the amount that i got feature blocked, Now even with a single complain, my account get block for month.

as a loyal member of face book community for a over a 7 years, I kindly request to remove this Feature block from my account.

Thank You,
Yours Faithfully,

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Thank you

You are thinking that you have just written to Facebook! Wrong! We are CCM.net.and we can't remove the block.