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Wednesday August 29, 2018
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August 29, 2018
I have a below table:

And I would like to create the following automatically:

Is there any easy way to create it?

Thanks a lot
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Monday June 3, 2013
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January 22, 2019
Thank you
Create it when? Is each line entered one at a time, or is the whole sheet formatted with dozens of lines, and you want the cell to insert a row and paste? Your description lacks a lot of details, to include how the sheet is created, and when you want this action to take place!
Thanks for ur response. I have simplified the example. In the file I have many lines with different products and about 22 columns (until month +10). I wd like to convert it in a smaller table to have a line per each product and month with a respective volume, in a new sheet. I will send another sample to make it clear. Thanks a lot for ur help
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