MS Excel 2007 won't read in 2003

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I have a excel 2003 file. My application is excel 2007. When I save the file as .xls, I lost all the format. So, I save the file as .xlsm verion. But, the user who use excel 2003 can not open it.

How can I save my .xlsm version as .xls without lossing all the format?


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Hi All

Me also encounter the same problem in opening XLSX in 2003. My colleague uses Excel 2003, and has downloaded the compatible pack for 2007. Yes, He could open the file, but all the format of font, color and border were gone. Anyone know how to keep the format?
Thank you

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Yea this is normal, docx format will never open in office 2003..

You will have to upgrade office 2003 to 2007!
Thanks. We are in the same firm. Just I am upgraded to 2007 and he is not. Is there an alternative way to resolve this (besides re-do the entire file again)?
Below will resolve the issue for your co-worker.
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get the converter here
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Well, MS Office 2007 has the option using which you can convert the DOCX files to DOC and XLSM files to XLS or vice-versa. So, just re-save the file of XLSM to XLS by clicking Office Button of MS Office 2007 and your job is done.

In case it does not works then it might be possible that some of the DLL or EXE files have been corrupted and to get it right you need to repair excel file. So just use any MS Excel repair software make your excel file work.

Best of Luck!
I also have the same problem. When the excel file made from excel 2003 was saved and open to excel 2007 all the formats like fill color, borders, and font color is gone. Updated all windows and office service packs as well as the fileconverter but still no success.
how can i open xlsx file to xls give me a solution pleae
I also upgraded my office from 2003 to 2007. AFter saving the excel files and opening it, the colors and border format were all gone. I also installed the fileconvertion installer but the problem still happens. Please help me
Why not just use the Office 2007 Compatibility Pack, if you are not able to, or do not want to upgrade to Office 2007 or higher.