Removal of Prgrm That Wont Un-Install

 ArchAngel -
**I Am" FRUSTRATED-taurean", This is regarding ERROR MSG. ( C:\Program-1\MYWEBS-1\bar\1bin\M3PLUGIN.DLL )**

I have done ALL of the Suggestions that have been placed in the forum, To try and Correct this Problem. When I go to the Control Panel and Open the Install/Uninstall programs Location, I find the "WEB SEARCH" Program,
BUT- it WILL NOT LET ME UN-INSTALL IT- and I Don't have a Restore point For a Time prior to this "ERROR MESSAGE" showing Up.

How can I UN-INSTALL THIS PROGRAM; That is refusing to be un-installed????
I Know someone has the answer in there back pocket, Could some-one Any-one With Knowledge of this Problem, PLEASE !!! ~~Share a Suggestion on How to Remove this Program????

Sincerest Regards and THANKS in ADVANCE;
P.S. this is a Laptop~ "DELL-INSPIRION" Running Windows Vista Home Premium

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Hye ,

To stop getting this error message you should:

Press start
enter "msconfig"
start up

Then uncheck mywebs stuffs! then press ok and restart
Easy Solution that i stumbled across:

Download and install "HijackThis"
Boot in safemode
run HijackThis
Check the Box of the "M3PLUGIN" entry
Click "Fix Selected"
Close and Reboot normally