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Sunday November 11, 2018
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November 11, 2018
my account has been disabled from 14 days ago
without any reasons
i didnt even post anything that day
i use real name and everything
i have my account from 8 years
didnt do anything wrong
i have all my photos and msgs and archive in my account
i contacted facebook alot and the case still open but no answer
and i send them my passport and id and photo of me holding my passport
still no answer
can someone help me please
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Thank you

Facebook never disables accounts for not reason and certainly not for the fun of it.

Facebook disables accounts when users don't follow the Facebook’s Terms of Use and Community Standards.

Some examples include:
• Posting content that doesn't follow the Facebook Terms of Use
• Using a fake name or not using your full real name.
• Creating two personal accounts.
• Impersonating someone
• Continuing behaviour that's not allowed on Facebook by violating the Community Standards

Read Facebook’s terms and Community Standards Read Facebook terms and Community Standards fully and carefully..

If you think that your account was disabled by mistake, you can appeal Facebook's decision, in your appeal, you must prove that Facebook made a mistake. Saying that you are sorry, that you did not know about the rules or that you will not do it again will get your appeal rejected.
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