Spoof texting [Closed]

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I have received messages from a spoofed message service the short message service center. I have their number.

I have been harassed for 3 months can someone assist me with identifying how these messages are being created.

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October 15, 2020

It’s difficult to precise where they come from. What is the content of these messages? Are they only text messages or also voice messages?

If you would like to block them, please share your type of device, operating system, and service provider.

Thank you for the reply, is this SMSC your company?


if you can confirm I can send you information. Do you have an email address please?
Dear Daniel,

I look forward to your reply from my previous message. I am keen to solve this as I am still receiving terrible messages. I cannot block as the person uses a different number every time. Can you please confirm that the SMSC is something you can help me with? +33841420000
I can send you content, there is hundreds of messages, how do we solve this please?

very desperate for this to stop.