My computer turns off without any warnings [Closed]

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Hello, my computer is just turning off while Playing games usch as fortnite. I’ve had this problem for about a halv year and tryed to do so much. I removed dust from the computer, changed my computer to another room (too see IF the power turns off because off the power and i have Also bought new things to fix (nothing helped) pls tell me what do lol

System Configuration: iPhone / Safari 12.0

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I know that feeling of yours. I had a similar problem too a few years ago. Maybe your Hardware gets a little bit to much heat while playing. Simple said. I can overheat. Most PCs will Shut down before anything bat happens to your hardware. So maybe you should try to lower the settings or try a better thing to put your Laptop on another surface. Can work wonders.
Thank you

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I agree. Heat!

Is it a laptop?