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is there a way to return to the line in sublimetext at the level of the text which is between the gathers "", without crushing the code? on sublimtext I am obliged to write in one interminable line. for the result on the browser it's ok a simple </ br> in the code is enough I'm talking about the text editor it self.
Thank you

var dictionary = [
word:"abandon (verb)",
def1:"to leave somebody, especialy somebody you are responsible for, with no intention of returning.",
ex1:"The baby had been <mark>abandoned</mark> by its mother.</br>People often simply abandon their pets when they go abroad.",
def2:"to leave somebody",
def3:"to leave somebody",


System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 72.0.3626.109

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IF the "text editor" is a DOS prompt, use ^. You could try vbCrLf, as it is a left over constant in windows for the sake of us old timers!
probleme resolved
solution is contatenation
+ "text...",
Thank you ac3mark
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Cool. Come back if you need anything else.