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Zuma's Revenge is a tile-matching puzzle video game developed and published by PopCap Games. It is a sequel to the original Zuma and still stands as a very successful game.


As a brave and vigilant frog, you once again have to return to a cursed island where the gods and evil spirits have revived the puzzle-action of Zuma in unique ways. This time the puzzle to solve will really challenge your skills, and your enemies will be more dangerous. Take them down and end this madness once and for all.


  • Tile-match: Control the frog and throw colored balls to create sets of three or more identical balls to destroy them. Pay attention to what balls you have in stock to chain combos and get more points. But make sure to destroy them before they reach the end, or you will have to try again.
  • Levels: You will be able to explore more than 60 exotic and different levels and environments. Moreover, this time you will experience two new types of levels, ones where you can jump between two lily pads and others that place the frog on vertical or horizontal tracks where you can slide instead of rotating.
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  • Bosses: Throughout your journey, you will face many bosses who will try to take you down. Each one of them has unique powers and combos that will spice up the game.
  • Items: During the game, you can collect powerful power-ups and slightly change the gameplay mechanics to your advantage. For example, you will be able to temporarily slow down or reverse the direction of the balls, use a three-way cannon, a laser that can destroy single balls, a bomb, or a lightning bolt to destroy all balls of a specific color.
  • Challenges: You will discover and be able to take a shot at 70 brand-new challenges, including the Quiet Village, the Mosquito Coast, the Lost City, and more.
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Graphics and sound

Zuma's Revenge features high-definition graphics in a world full of shape, color, and visual feedback. Besides, the user interface is both well-designed and easy to understand, and you will enjoy the OST composed of themes with two versions that dynamically change depending on the in-game context (a lighter theme without danger and a more frenetic one when in danger).

Duration and game modes

The game offers a solo adventure, but you can compete with your friends for the highest score on the leaderboards. You can complete the main part of the game in about 6 hours, but if you want to discover all its aspects, you are likely to spend over 20 hours. Several game modes are available:

  • Adventure: This is the story mode where you travel through a Polynesian island ruled by the terrible god Zhaka Mu. You will find a checkpoint every five levels, at which point you will face a boss and restart the game if you lose all your lives. You will unlock Heroic Frog and Iron Frog modes the first time you finish this game mode.
  • Heroic Frog: This is a more complicated version of the Adventure mode with more complex sets of balls and a faster pace.
  • Iron Frog: The Iron Frog mode will push your limits, because this time, you will only have one life every ten levels.
  • Boss Rush: In Boss Rush, you will face all the eight bosses you encountered in the Adventure mode and try to finish them all as fast as possible.

What do the reviews say?

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Zuma's Revenge is a very famous game rated 78/100 on Metacritic.

"While a multiplayer mode is sorely missed, with Zuma's Revenge PopCap has given gamers exactly what they wanted, a new title that's even better than the original.(GamePro)

Age rating


Zuma's Revenge has been rated PEGI 7 as some background may be frightening for a young audience.

How to play Zuma's Revenge?

You play as a frog that can spit colored balls at a line of other balls appearing from a source, and if the line of balls reaches the skull, you will lose a life. The goal is to line up three or more balls of the same color, which will make them detonate and make you score points. You can only spin around a fixed axis.

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