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 Jun -

I had applied two factor authentication in my fb account. Now when i login it ask for login code but i didnt recieve any text code on my phone. This prob arised since 13 march 2019 night. I had my phone but couldnt recieve code and der is no other known device i had ever login. How can i get the approval code . Is der any solution. I need it urgently. I dont had got access to mail id associated with fb account but had got access to my additional mail id.

System Configuration: Android / Chrome 72.0.3626.121

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my problem has been solved after submitting my national id. facebook team had helped me in unlocking my account. Thanx
Thank you

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Thank you for the feedback. Just to be clear, you contacted facebook, right?
How long before you received their email?

Facebook suffered an outage. Try again. If it still doesn't work, go do something else besides facebook!

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