Facebook disabled my account for infringement. Now what? [Closed]

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Hello, On 2/24/19 @ 11:25am I received an automated email response that my post was removed for violating Harley Davidson's copyright. I was aware that I posted it, however I WASN'T aware that it was in violation of their trademark. I wasn't given a warning from Facebook that my account would be disabled immediately. Had I known I was violation of Harley Davidson's copyright I would have removed any and ALL OF THE CONTENT that would be in violation of that copyright. However Facebook didn't give me a warning nor did Facebook give the opportunity to even explain myself. I'm asking for my Facebook to please be reactivated so that I can be given the chance to correct my infringement error! But they won't even respond to my appeals or emails (***@***, ***@***, and ***@***)

Thank you for any and all advice you can give me!

System Configuration: Android / Chrome 73.0.3683.90

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We are ccm.net, and we dont control favebok accounts. Facebook is a privilage not a Basic human right, so they can do whatever is best for their own interest! Which is easier, ban your account, or defend against copyright infringement lawsuit from a wealthy organization?
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Please try not to put so much value into an advertising platform. If you are posting stuff for free, how are they going to sell any HD ads? Please remember, facebook now exisits to count your eyeballs and make advertising revenue. If you think their mission is anything else, you are confused. They do not care one bit about the customer base, except for a measurement of how Popular they are!
I know I read a thread about the same issue and a poster by the name of blueangel123 had the exact same this happene to her. Is there any way to reach out to her to see if she had any luck?
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Feel free to send her a PM through messeging on ypur account. If ypu need help let us know.
I didn't even know that was an option. I'll try and find that thread and send her a PM. Thank you so much!
Okay not sure how I send he a PM. Please let me know how . Thanks again!

On this page, click on your own profile, then click messeging. Click on "send them a private message". Type in the userid of who you want to send it to, and auther the note. Click send. You will not be able to tell if they read it or not.

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