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Skype Customer Service:

I ask you to stop discounting my SKYPE service subscription from my VISA card, which is already the third time I cancel it through my account. I enclose the e-mail that you just sent me today with a purchase of US $ 3.00 that DOES NOT AUTHORIZE.

If discounts continue on my VISA card, I will take legal action against SKYPE

Pedro Daniel LEIVA

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Wow, we don't charge for our services, as are CCM.NET, and not MS. SKYPE account billing isn't our deal, free technical support is. This sounds like an account management issue, and we cannot assist with those, especially when it comes to billing and such!

Do you understand, that we have nothing to do with your request. In the words of a smart raccoon....
"You are barking up the wrong tree!" 1

Have fun with that Visa payment. You could always just contact your card provider, and tell them not to allow the monthly charge from now on!

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